Aliens versus Predator: Extinction

alien vs predator extinction packshot anz
Moderate violence
Release date: 6 August 2003
Developer: Zono, Inc
Publisher: Electronic Arts


This galaxy simply ain't big enough for both of them

Numerous films, comics and videogames have taught us one thing about Aliens, Predators and marines. They just don't get on.

The epic squabbling of all three races spills over once more in Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction. Taking the form of an RTS - or Real Time Strategy, a genre you don't see too often on PS2 - you must choose a species and make strategic use of your environment to gain the upper hand in terms of territory, upgrades and weaponry.

Being able to play as all three species adds variety to the gameplay, and the addition of new types of Aliens, Predators and Marines means there's plenty of scope for tailoring the perfect strategy to get ahead. For example, you can select a particular type of Alien to morph into a Queen, thus allowing you to lay eggs and create facehuggers. And let's face it - we've all wanted to lay Alien eggs at some point, haven't we?


  • Play as one of three species: Alien, Predator or Human

  • Make use of entirely new variations of all three species, each with unique abilities

  • Do battle over more than twenty different environments, including jungles, caverns and laboratories




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