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Suitable for general audiences.
Release date: 11 February 2004
Developer: Namco
Publisher: SCEE


The diminutive dojo-don known simply as 'Ninja' high-kicks his way through this 'Junior Shinobi' 3D action adventure

Basing your game around a ninja should make it a dead-cert for a success - after all, ninjas are by their very nature the coolest characters ever. And let's face it, who wouldn't want to run around felling opponents with a single flick of their katana, or lobbing shuriken into the faces of unsuspecting bad guys, eh? Now let that ninja run along walls, swing over gaps and grind along rails and you don't just have a ninja - you've got I-Ninja!

The mini-martial artist decides to take up his sword and master his craft when his entire clan is slain by the evil Master O'Dor and his brutal army of Ranx. Vowing sweet revenge, Ninja makes it his mission to find this murderous dictator, and wipe out his goons while he's at it. Receiving guidance from his old, wise, and slightly dead Sensei (cryptically monikered 'Sensei', in case you're wondering), Ninja sets out on a journey to find justice for his family and friends, and to give his extensive armoury a serious work-out.

He may be an accomplished warrior, but Ninja still has much to learn. As you step into his tiny tabi, you'll need to search for Rage Stones to unlock the anger he's bottled up inside. Once Ninja goes on a rampage, and starts slicing and dicing the enemy, you can top-up a rage meter that sends the little fella into 'Beserka' mode, decimating any opponents in his path. Handy. In-between the cartoon killings Ninja can explore his surroundings via the medium of jumps, double-jumps and swings.

Ninja also has a rather neat way of getting around, using momentum to get into those hard-to-reach baddie hiding places. Ninja can grind along rails, and employ his natty ninja-copter for aerial assaults too. There's a distinctly unstealthy array of weaponry for you to get your mucky paws on too, with Ninja toting everything from the traditional ninja shuriken to the somewhat unsubtle guided missiles for making an entrance.


  • Fight level bosses to gain new belts and improve Ninja's skill

  • Grind along rails or take to the skies with the ninja-copter

  • Wipe out those pesky bad guys with an impressive array of ninja weaponry




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