Rugby 2004

rugby 2004 packshot anz
Suitable for general audiences
Release date: 19 September 2003
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts


EA Sports brings another sporting update to PlayStation 2, but something's different this time around

EA Sports brings another sporting update to PlayStation 2, but something's different this time around.

EA Sports is famed for giving many of its leading brands very regular runouts, each one very similar to the last. Rugby can now be added to that list of titles. As always, the number of teams, players, tournaments and stadia is staggering, so you're never short of options to peruse. Whether you're playing as the mighty All Blacks or the less-than-mighty Russia, you can experience the most authentic interactive egg-chasing available on PlayStation 2. Fling yourself at your opponent's feet to make a last-ditch tackle, heave with all your might in the scrum, leap to nick possession in the line-out and fly between the posts to score the try, all thanks to the wonders of EA's new control system.

Remember also that it's not just your opposite numbers you'll have to be wary of, because a whole range of weather effects put a new spin on the game too. And just for good measure, our friends at Electronic Arts have included a multiplayer mode, allowing four players to enjoy the blood, sweat and tears simultaneously, with any two players playing on the same side, combining their quality rugby moves, hopefully to devastating effect.


  • Soak in the atmosphere in one of 65 stadia

  • Show off the talents of a vast range of sides

  • Commentary is provided by John Inverdale

  • Customise your own burly rugby superstar




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