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Suitable for all audiences
Release date: 19 May 2004
Developer: SCEE
Publisher: SCEE


Grab the microphone and be a star!

From SCEE London Studio, the same team who persuaded you to leap around your living room swatting imaginary ghosts and busting lethal kung fu moves in the direction of your TV with EyeToy, comes SingStar, the latest in interactive entertainment designed to get everyone up and playing. One of the most involving and addictive titles to come out for PS2 for some time, SingStar has the rather impressive ability to ensnare everyone who sees it in action.

Unlike the typically mortifying experience of getting up on a small stage in your local pub and being forced to croak out a number from the popular hit parade (circa 1982, usually), SingStar is actually a stress-free and hugely entertaining experience that, once sampled, will have even the most shy and retiring of types casting aside their inhibitions.

As well as having the canny knack of breaking the ice at even the frostiest of familial get-togethers, SingStar is also an involving single-player game that actually encourages you to hone your warbling skills. This may all sound suspiciously familiar, but leave your preconceptions at the door: SingStar is actually a highly innovative title that's unlike anything you'll have ever played before.

SingStar comes fully equipped with two microphones which, with the help of a nifty adapter, plug into just one of your PS2's two USB ports. Simple, eh? SingStar is also EyeToy compatible so, once you've set-up your mics, there's also the option to plug in your wonder-cam and watch yourself sing with added visual effects to keep things interesting.

There are four different modes to warm-up your vocal chords with. Sing Mode is the quickest route to crooning glory, with the option to either belt one out alone, or battle it out with another amateur vocalist; Multiplayer is the most party-friendly mode of the lot, encouraging 1-8 participants to perform duets and team competitions; Career puts you on the capricious road to fame and fortune, a la Pop Idol, and Freestyle lets you croon without any scores.

When you select a track, the lyrics and a set of bars will appear onscreen which indicate the pitch, tone and timing required for that song. Points are scored depending on how well you manage to adhere to these guides. Remarkably accurate voice-recognition technology analyses your voice and displays how well (or badly) you're singing onscreen. The mics are colour-coded (red and blue), so you'll be able to follow your timbre on the TV as you get your vocal chords around Ricky Martin, Madonna et al.

Of course, if you're playing against a pal in Sing Mode, the element of competition comes to the fore with Battle mode gameplay. Naturally, it often leads to some highly impressive, not to mention amusing, face-offs between would-be songstrels, determined to out-sing each other.

There's a huge track listing of classic and contemporary numbers on offer - 30 in all - so there's something to suit everyone's tastes. Get ready to siiiiiing...


  • Comes with two microphones and USB adapter

  • Go from bedroom crooner to singing sensation in Career mode

  • Play with up to eight other singers in Multiplayer mode


1. Atomic Kitten Eternal Flame
2. Blue One Love
3. Busted Crashed the Wedding
4. Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting
5. Daniel Bedingfield If You're Not the One
6. Darkness, The I Believe in a Thing Called Love
7. Deee-Lite Groove is in the Heart
8. Dido Thank You
9. Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds
10. George Michael Careless Whisper
11. Lemar 50/50
12. Liberty X Just a Little
13. Madonna Like a Virgin
14. Mis-Teeq Scandalous
15. Motorhead Ace of Spades
16. Pink Get the Party Started
17. Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
18. Ricky Martin Livin La Vida Loca
19. S Club Don't Stop Movin'
20. Sophie Ellis Bextor Murder on the Dancefloor
21. Sugababes Round Round
22. Village People YMCA
23. Westlife World of Our Own
24. A-ha Take On Me
25. Avril Lavigne Complicated
26. Blondie Heart Of Glass
27. Good Charlotte Girls & Boys
28. Jamelia Superstar
29. Petula Clark Downtown
30. Roy Orbison Oh Pretty Woman




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