Indigo Prophecy

indigo prophecy packshot anz
Strong violence and sex scene.
Release date: 14 September 2005
Developer: Atari
Publisher: Atari


Discover the dark secret behind a series of bizarre murders, in this chilling paranormal thriller.

In the near future, New York City is beset by a series of brutal murders that all follow the same pattern: ordinary people killing total strangers in public places. Fahrenheit tells the story of Lucas Kane, a man whose destiny is forever changed when he becomes another member of this macabre club of unwitting killers, and is forced to team up with the woman assigned to bring him to justice.

This incredibly cinematic game puts you in the shoes of various characters involved in this mysterious affair, allowing the story to unravel from numerous viewpoints. Simple, intuitive gameplay allows for hundreds of context-sensitive actions that can have a direct effect on the direction of the plot.


  • Take on the role of multiple characters to experience the game from their viewpoints

  • 'Rubber band' storyline - your actions directly affect the direction of the plot

  • Physical Action Reaction (PAR) System makes complex movements possible with simple button presses




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