KOF: Maximum Impact

king of fighter maximum impact packshot anz
Moderate violence
Release date: 11 February 2005
Developer: SNK Corporation
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment


King of Fighters returns to reclaim its crown, as the first 3D iteration of the legendary beat 'em up series hits PS2.

Preparations are underway for the annual King of Fighters contest, but a bloody turf war between rival gangs in Southtown is threatening to drag KOF contestants into the fray. The honour and integrity of the tournament must be protected at all costs. Kick and punch your way through an engaging single-player Story mode, or prove your fighting supremacy against friends in the latest outing for SNK's revered beat 'em up series.

The first King Of Fighters designed exclusively for PS2 (rather than being converted from an existing arcade game), KOF: Maximum Impact sees new combatants joining existing favourites like Terry Bogard and Kyo Kusanagi, as well as a few hidden bonus characters.

The series' frenzied fighting action has a new dimension, quite literally; KOF: Maximum Impact is fully 3D, so you'll need to master sideways manoeuvring as well as spectacular combos and new moves like the Knock Back Attack.


  • Featuring 24 SNK combatants, including hidden bonus characters

  • Wide range of environments, all beautifully rendered in full 3D

  • Game modes include Story, VS Battle, Survival, Practice and Training




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