Cold Fear

cold fear packshot anz
Strong violence & horror themes.
Release date: 9 March 2005
Developer: Darkworks
Publisher: Ubisoft


Prepare for some serious shivers down your spine as Ubisoft's first foray into the world of action horror heads out onto the icy waters.

Set aboard a mysterious drifting whaling ship, Cold Fear combines elements of both the action and horror genres to create an intense, nerve-shredding experience that'll have you quaking in your boots. Venture nervously down dirty, rust-ridden corridors with shocking surprises lurking around every corner, and encounter enemies of both the human and 'other' varieties in this tension-filled action horror.

You play as Tom Hansen, a US lifeguard sent to board a drifting Russian whaling ship in the Bering Sea. Stranded on the constantly rocking ship, Hansen quickly discovers that something evil and unnatural is afoot onboard - and we're not talking about whaling. Exploring the shifting, volatile environment of the ship (and, later on, an oil rig), the plucky lifeguard faces myriad threats from both human enemies and less familiar adversaries.

With fast and furious weapons combat (Hansen's arsenal includes a laser-sighted pistol and semi-automatic), foreboding, treacherous environments and a high shock factor throughout, Cold Fear is not recommended for players of a nervous disposition.


  • Action horror from Darkworks, creators of Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

  • Intense weapons combat in fully interactive environments

  • Dramatic, tension-filled gameplay with an element of the unexpected




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