NFL Street 2

nfl street 2 packshot anz
Suitable for general audiences.
Release date: 26 January 2005
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts


EA Sports' urban American football game spawns a bone-crunching, tarmac-scraping, wall-smacking sequel

Try as we might, many of us will never attain the giddy heights of professional American Football stardom and play in the glittering stadia of the world. However, there's little to stop us showing off our sporting prowess in our local neighbourhood and that's exactly what NFL Street 2 brings to your PS2. Rival urban gangs face off across the litter and burning barrels of America's inner-city sprawl, each hungry to tear through the opposition and gain the winning touchdown.

The locations may be grey, but the entertainment is far from dull with American Football rising above the limits of a simulation and integrating out-of-this-world moves and abilities. Leap up to 15 feet in the air and bounce of the wall to make spectacular catches, passes and endzone dives. Hurdle over defenders and catch some air using the opposing linebacker as a springboard. American Football has never been so crazy.

Create your team from scratch and customise everything, from their clothing right down to the colour of their eyes, and take your team to the top of the urban game. Own the streets and you can even take your star player into the upcoming Madden NFL 2006.


  • Seven new game modes, including Crush the Carrier and Jump Ball Battles

  • New Own the City mode allows you to build a killer team, build a rep and take over turf until it's all yours

  • Ten new fields and two bonus environments alter your gameplay strategy

  • Import successful NFL Street 2 players into the upcoming Madden NFL 2006




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