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Strong violence
Release date: 26 October 2005
Developer: SCEE
Publisher: SCEE


Battle through ancient Japan as a legendary samurai warrior, in this cinematic adventure from the creator of Street Fighter II.

From fledgling developer Game Republic, led by Street Fighter II creator Yoshiki Okamoto, comes Genji, a cinematic samurai adventure based on Japanese legend. As historic hero Genkuro Yoshitsune or his trusted companion, warrior monk Benkei, you set out to save the oppressed people from the evil warlord Kiyomori and his malevolent forces, and restore the Genji dynasty to power.

Genji combines beautiful, atmospheric visuals and environments with deep combat, allowing you to battle opponents across autumnal forests, grand palaces, and blood-soaked battlegrounds using an incredibly broad fighting system. Special techniques such as the Mind's Eye slows time around you, allowing you to anticipate your foe's next move and punish them with devastating fatal strikes.


  • Execute a wide range of attacks, parries, and lightning-fast combos all motions captured from a Japanese sword master

  • A unique AI directs each fight scene transforming each battle sequence into carefully choreographed kung-fu combat

  • Lush visuals recall the finest in Asian martial arts cinema




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