187 Ride or Die

187 ride or die packshot anz
Moderate violence and frequent coarse language.
Release date: 31 August 2005
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft


Use your pimped-out ride and an arsenal of heavy weaponry to defend your LA turf from rival thugs.

187 Ride or Die tells the story of reluctant hero named Buck, a young man whose life is dominated by money, fast cars, fine women, and plenty of danger. Buck finds himself and his mentor's LA territory under threat from a rival gang of rough riders, led by the power-hungry Cortez.

Now the young thug has to put the pedal to the metal and take out Cortez's gang in furious combat racing action. A selection of deadly automatic weapons are at your disposal, as are a slew of beautiful ladies, in this highly intense fusion of genres where winning is the only alternative to dying.


  • Select from a diverse range of vehicles, from vintage roadsters to modern muscle cars

  • Take out the opposition with an arsenal of lethal weapons, including a full selection of pistols, shotguns, and more

  • Engage in several single-player modes, such as Death Race, Cop Chase, and Assassination, or battle against your friends online




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