Crash Tag Team Racing

crash tag team racing packshot anz
Suitable for general audiences
Release date: 19 October 2005
Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games


Crash Bandicoot returns for high adrenaline racing, bending the rules of the track in Ebeneezer Von Clutch's condemned arena.

Everyone's favourite Bandicoot returns to PlayStation 2 in a blaze of engine sparks and screeching tyres. Lured into a deadly race, you must pit your driving skills against a who's who drawn from the iconic Crash universe.

Twisting the normal race dynamic, players can combine their car with an opponent's mid-race to make a super-car equipped with a powerful turret gun. When clashed, players can either get behind the wheel and steer or fire the onboard weapon. Each character has a deadly 360-degree rotating turret unique to them.

If the sanity-warping conflict of the track is not enough, you can continue the action out of the car, where you can explore the entire world on foot.


  • 'Clash' your car with an opponent's to make a super-car you both control!

  • Explore the world on foot, discovering new car upgrades and bonus tracks




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