Shrek SuperSlam

Release date: 30 November 2005
Developer: Shaba Games
Publisher: Activision


The great green ogre and his buddies cast friendship aside momentarily to engage in the mother of all fairytale brawls.

Four-player Shrek brawling action barrels its way onto PlayStation 2 as you take up the gauntlet as one of 20 iconic characters from the popular films. Blending the comedy of the blockbusters with frantic fighting action, Shrek SuperSlam drops you in the thick of this fairytale melee!

Do battle in rich, fully destructible 3D environments launching attacks like Donkey's 'Juggle-Punt', Princess Fiona's devastating 'Fists of Fury', and Shrek's gaseous 'Green Storm'. Progress through single-player story, ladder, and mega challenge modes to unlock new characters, arenas and costumes for the manic multiplayer bouts!

  • Features 20 characters from the film, including Shrek, Donkey, Puss-in-Boots, and Princess Fiona

  • Four-player extreme fairytale fighting action, with parodies of well-known stories and pop culture

  • Unlock new characters, arenas and costumes via the challenging game modes



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