Alarm for Cobra 11

Alarm for Cobra 11 packshot anz
Suitable for general audiences
Release date: 15 June 2005
Developer: Midas Interactive
Publisher: Midas Interactive


Dish out high-octane justice on the roads of tomorrow.

When you work for the elite police unit Cobra 11 you are above the law. Burn up the streets in the pursuit of criminals - red lights and Give Way signs mean nothing to you. All that matters is that you arrest the bad guys whatever the cost.

The highways and city streets of Europe are the modern urban combat zones patrolled by Cobra 11. High-speed chases, multiple pile-ups and dazzling stunts are all part of your daily routine. So take to the streets and be ready to answer the emergency call - Alarm for Cobra 11!

  • Huge variety of locations including the notorious German high-speed autobahns and city locations of Paris, London and New York

  • A variety of game modes: Mission, Pursuit and Championship

  • Spectacular action, crashes and breathtaking stunts



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