We Love Katamari

we love katamari packshot anz
Suitable for general audiences
Release date: 3 February 2006
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts


The world's happiest game rolls onto PlayStation 2 to win our hearts with totally unique gameplay and the catchiest theme tune ever written.

Ever since the tiny Prince collected up the Earth's clutter to restore all of the stars in the sky and rescue the King of All Cosmos from embarrassment, his father has earned all the plaudits, becoming a people's hero. These new fans are extremely demanding and now they want the King to create new stars for the rest of the solar system! Of course, the King won't do it himself, so it's up to the Prince to go on another ball rolling frenzy and fulfil his father's fans' requests.

We Love Katamari is the first of Namco's multi-award-winning Katamari Damacy series to reach Europe, and looks set to capture the hearts of players everywhere. As the Prince, you must collect up as much junk as you can around the world, beginning with tiny objects and gradually building your way up to a mammoth Katamari capable of picking up mountains! Some fans have very specific requests, such as stars made entirely of flowers or animals, so the Prince is going to have to work extra hard to satisfy them all.

Fortunately, the Prince's many cousins are also on hand to help and, thanks to a new co-operative two-player option, you can work together with one of his relatives to gather everything up. And just to make everything super happy, We Love Katamari features an incomparable soundtrack that will have you humming along within minutes of playing.

Give in to this extraordinary and totally unique gaming experience - you won't have played anything like it.

  • The first instalment of the critically acclaimed Katamari Damacy series to reach Europe
  • Co-operate with a friend to roll up the biggest Katamari you can
  • Thousands of items to collect, from drawing pins and kettles to skyscrapers and space rockets



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