Taito Legends

Release date: 19 October 2005
Developer: Xplosiv
Publisher: Xplosiv


29 coin-op classics unite on one disc of unadulterated arcade pleasure.

Taito's proud arcade heritage is celebrated on a single PlayStation disc with Taito Legends, a compilation of 29 of their best-loved titles.

Here's the full list of titles: Battle Shark, Bubble Bobble, Colony 7, Continental Circus, Electric Yo-Yo, Elevator Action, Exzisus, Gladiator, Great Swordsman, Jungle Hunt, New Zealand Story, Ninja Kids, Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Wolf, Phoenix, Plotting, Plump Pop, Rainbow Islands, Rastan, Return of the Invaders, Space Gun, Space Invaders, Space Invaders part II, Super Qix, Thunderfox, Tokio, Tube It, Volfied, and Zoo Keeper.

If that wasn't enough, extra features such as video interviews with the original games' creators Mr Tomohiro Nishikado (Space Invaders, Space Invaders Part II, Pop 'n' Pop) and Mr Fukio Mitsuji (Bubble Bobble, New Zealand Story, Volfied) should keep all retro gaming fans enthralled.


  • 29 arcade treasures, spanning 1979 to 1997

  • Enjoy perfect recreations of Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, Space Invaders, and many more

  • Features video interviews with the games' creators




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