God of War® II

God of War 2 AU platinum pack
Strong violence and sexual references
Release date: 27 April 2007
Developer: SCEA
Publisher: SCEE


The end begins...

  • Spartan warrior Kratos returns in the highly anticipated sequel to the smash hit of 2005
  • Kratos must journey to the ends of the Earth, battle against iconic figures of Greek mythology and alter that which no mortal, or god has ever changed his fate
  • Use powerful new abilities, fearsome magic and mighty weapons


Kratos is back!

God of War II arrives - bigger and better.

With its over the top action sequences, finishing moves and epic set pieces, God of War was a smash hit on PlayStation®2 back in 2005. Following the adventures of Kratos, a merciless Spartan warrior up against the might of Ares, God of War, it was an adult-rated, fast-paced action adventure - and enormous fun to boot.

Two years later, Kratos is back - and how. God of War II takes everything that made the first game so memorable, and refines it to create what will surely go down as one of the best games of 2007.

Welcome back to chaos

Kratos' signature weapons, the Blades of Chaos, are as potent and slick to use as ever, linking attacks into extended combinations that allow the Spartan to cut a swathe through crowds of enemies - and take down some truly momentous foes.

While the game's beefed up selection of bosses never fails to impress, with more to tackle here as a response to the wishes of fans of the first game, it's worth emphasising that the standard combat between Kratos and the legions of weaker foes is never anything less than brilliant. SCE Santa Monica has managed to improve upon the sublime combat of the original, and in addition to new combat techniques it's now possible to switch weapons mid-combo, creating a breathtaking variety of free-flowing attack options.

How puzzling

The combat is interspersed with a sprinkling of puzzles, ranging from the quick and simple to elaborate challenges that are ingeniously incorporated into the environment. Just as in the first game, the more cerebral elements of God of War II are expertly woven into the rest of the game, and the pacing is excellent throughout, so that you always feel you're discovering something new.

While God of War II freely uses the best parts of its predecessor, there are plenty of entirely new features to discover, too, and they're incorporated with the same level of finesse that marks out the series as a whole. The winged horse, Pegasus, is just one example of this, as is Kratos' newfound ability to use the Blades of Chaos as a grappling hook. And as mentioned above, there are more boss encounters than before, and they somehow manage to beat the original game for sheer scale. The Colossus of Rhodes, fought at the start of the game, will surely go down as a defining moment in PlayStation®2 history.

Veterans of the original God of War (available on Platinum) will no doubt already have Kratos' second coming firmly in their sights. However, anyone with even a passing affection for action adventures will find God of War II to be a game fit to pass into legend.

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