DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller

Release date: 2 July 2008

Peripherals left images - PS3 Dualshock controller Black
Model Number:
Connection Type:
USB connector, Wireless
Network Features:
For use with:
PlayStation 3
Minimum System Software:

Get closer to the action with the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller's vibration function.

Each hit, crash and explosion is more realistic when the user feels the vibration right in the palm of their hand.

DUALSHOCK 3 utilises Bluetooth technology for Wireless gameplay while the controller's USB cable automatically charges the controller when connected to the PlayStation 3 system.

  • Pressure sensitive buttons that react to each action make every impact feel like you're right in the game.
  • SIXAXIS motion technology senses your every move.
  • Features Bluetooth technology for Wireless gameplay; the PlayStation 3 system can support up to seven wireless controllers at one time.
  • Also available in Metallic Blue, Deep Red, Urban Camo, Jungle Green and Slate Grey*

* Jungle Green and Slate Grey available at selected retailers.

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