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  • Action

    If you’re after something which challenges your hand eye co-ordination, manual dexterity and keeps you coming back for more with heaps of memorable action, this is where you’ll get your kicks.

    Number of titles: 3

  • Action/Adventure

    If you’ve got fast reflexes, a logical approach to problem solving, a thirst for real time action-based challenges and a sense of adventure, then this is the genre for you.

    Number of titles: 6

  • Adventure

    Embark on a journey where your actions are as important as the grand story. Keep your wits about you and stay alert on your exploration – there’s never a dull moment when adventure is afoot.

    Number of titles: 3

  • Arcade

    Get your hands on some of the best-loved arcade titles for a burst of fast paced, smash hit fun. From retro sensations of the ‘80s to the latest arcade hits, you’ll find your fix of awesome gaming action right here.

    Number of titles: 2

  • Arcade Flight Combat

    Take to the skies and engage the enemy in aerial dogfights, bombing missions and more. Strap yourself in for a game which is sure to shake, rattle and roll you.

    Number of titles: 0

  • Beat'em Up

    Are you tough enough to withstand mean streets, battle arenas and grueling one-on-one tournaments? Whether it’s weapons or fists, never back down, never give up – this is your fight.

    Number of titles: 1

  • Combat

    Whether it’s sitting in the cockpit of a custom built battle car or going to war in a massive robot, you'll need to have your wits and your reflexes about you. Warm up the weapons, inflict maximum damage and keep moving.

    Number of titles: 0

  • Compilation

    Mix things up a little and go for a high value pack of titles when one game just simply isn’t enough. Often tailored to a variety of tastes, a compilation gives you the best of all worlds.

    Number of titles: 0

  • First Person Shooter

    Jump into a game which literally gives you the viewpoint of the hero, and prepare for an intense experience of action and fast paced firefights. Lock, load and keep the enemy in your sights…

    Number of titles: 1

  • FPS - RTS

    Jump into a game which literally gives you the viewpoint of the hero, and prepare for an intense experience of action and fast paced firefights. Lock, load and keep the enemy in your sights…

    Number of titles: 0

  • Horror

    Put a shiver down your spine with these horrific hair-raisers. Whether it’s fighting off a zombie apocalypse or trying to hide from a heart-stopping ghost, horror games are sure to get your blood pumping… that’s if it hasn’t curdled first…

    Number of titles: 0

  • Kids

    Whether you’re playing by yourself or with the whole family, this amazing assortment of top quality games, demos and videos offers endless entertainment that’s suitable for all ages. Check it out today and get ready to party!

    Number of titles: 0


    Fancy embarking on adventures that mix together a large number of players, social interaction and constantly evolving worlds? Then MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) titles are perfect for you.

    Number of titles: 0

  • Music

    Whether it’s dancing to the rhythm of the funky beat, singing, playing instruments or just keeping tempo to a tune, music titles are sure to bring out your inner star to shine.

    Number of titles: 1

  • Party

    Enjoy some of the finest party games on PlayStation, with hours of entertainment to liven up your living room.

    Number of titles: 0

  • Platform

    Outwit pesky enemies and bypass hazardous obstacles to make it safely to your goal. Platform games usually call for co-ordination, timing and terrific jumping skills – and are guaranteed to put your reactions to the test.

    Number of titles: 2

  • Puzzle

    Fun filled puzzle games for everyone! Give your intelligence a wide-ranging workout with tricky tests of wits and wisdom, perplexing puzzlers and baffling brain-teasers.

    Number of titles: 1

  • Racing

    Calling all speed freaks! If you enjoy a race, you’ve come to the right place – leave the chasing pack behind and enjoy some full throttle racing action right now.

    Number of titles: 4

  • Real Time Strategy

    It’s all about analysing the battlefield, strategising your next move and out-thinking the enemy in war… but at a fast pace. There are no turns here, so every second counts…

    Number of titles: 0

  • Role-Playing Game

    Even if you don’t know your Hit Points from your Magic Points, or your Experience Points from your NPCs (Non-Playable Characters), our role-playing games are accessible to everyone. Come on in and find your own quest.

    Number of titles: 0

  • Shoot'em Up

    Think you’ve got the fastest trigger finger in town? Then take aim, put your reactions and reflexes on the line and test your shoot ‘em up skills here.

    Number of titles: 0

  • Simulation

    Enjoy incredible new experiences and live out your wildest dreams with our range of exciting simulations. Can you adapt quickly and develop the skills you need to succeed? You’ll soon find out…

    Number of titles: 1

  • Sports

    Sports fans – it’s time to limber up and show off your athletic prowess. And remember, it’s not the taking part, it’s the winning that counts!

    Number of titles: 0

  • Strategy

    Develop your own winning strategies and outsmart your opponents in a range of interactive games designed to put your decision-making skills to the ultimate test.

    Number of titles: 0

  • Travel

    Sometimes it isn’t about the destination – it’s about the journey. Getting from point A to B has never been so much fun, so why not prepare yourself for an unforgettable ride?

    Number of titles: 0

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