The database is likely to be partially corrupted as required information to start the application cannot be found.

Step 1: Make sure the latest system software is installed to your system by selecting [Settings] > [System Software Update]

Step 2: Install the latest Update for the application.
• Press the OPTIONS button on your controller when highlighting the application on the home screen. Select [Check for Update]

Step 3: If the issue persists, boot the system in Safe Mode and select [5. Rebuilt Database]

Step 4: If step 3 could not solve the error, re-install the application:
• Back-up your save data using PS+ Online Storage by selecting [Settings] > [Application Data Management] > [Saved Data in System] > [Upload to Online Storage]. If you are not a PS Plus subscriber, you can back up your save data by using a USB device. Simply connect the USB storage device to the system and select [Settings]>[Application Saved Data Management] > [Saved Data in System Storage] > [Copy to USB Storage Device].

• Delete the application by pressing the OPTIONS button while highlighting the application on the home screen and select [Delete]

• Download the game from your Library, or, if you have the game on disc, re-install the game by inserting the disc