The downloaded file was not installed to the system properly. It is likely that the data has been corrupted while download process.

Step 1: Delete the downloaded file.

On PS4, go to [Notifications] > [Downloads] and select the content. Then press the OPTIONS button on your controller and delete the downloaded content.


Step 2: Retry downloading the file.

If you had the error with a game patch, highlight the game application on the home screen, press the OPTIONS button and select [Check for Update].

If you had the error with a game from PS Store, go to [Library] and select the application to download the file.


Step 3: If the error persists, try initialising your system by going to [Settings] > [Initialization] > [Initialize PS4] > [Quick].

Then try re-downloading the content.


Step 4: If the error persists and if you have previously upgraded HDD, switch to the original HDD and re-install the system software.

After system re-installation or initialization, try re-downloading the content.