Media Go 2.0

Release date: 2 June 2009

For use with: PSP

Share and manage your PSP games, video, music and photo downloads with this free* PC application.

  • The best way to manage and back up your PSP content, including a direct link to PlayStation Store for access to a whole new world of entertainment on the move.
  • Transfer new content to your PSP with the click of a mouse and make space for new downloads by backing up existing content, including game Saved Data, to your PC.
  • Visit to download Media Go for free now.

New features in Media Go 2.0 (released 11 October 2011)

  • File management and content syncing for the PSP-E1000 series.
  • Transfer playlists from iTunes into Media Go and transfer them directly to any supported device.
  • Customise import and back-up settings.
  • General refresh of the Media Go user interface and colour scheme.
  • Improvements to the user experience based on consumer feedback.


  • Sony Entertainment Network account required. If you do not have a SEN account already, you will need to create one by using either a Wi-Fi enabled PSP or a PS3 system. You can find further details on how to create a SEN account at
  • As of Media Go 1.6, the minimum OS requirement to launch the Media Go installer has been raised to Windows XP Service Pack 3.
  • Media Go 2.0 or above required for PSP-E1000 series.

* Broadband Internet service required. Users are responsible for broadband access fees. Charges apply for some content. PlayStation®Network and PlayStation®Store subject to terms of use and not available in all countries and languages. Users under 18 require parental consent.



Featured Content

Organise your media

Organise your media

Let Media Go take care of all your photos, music, videos and podcasts.

Need to organise all your photos, music, videos and podcasts? Then Media Go does exactly that, making it much easier for you to find what you're looking for.

You can also add useful ratings to all your entertainment, which can then be used to sort your collection. With Media Go you can synchronize content such as playlists, podcasts and anything you may have recently added to your PSP.

Not sure how much space you have left on your Memory Stick Duo? Don't worry, with Media Go you can monitor total space used and total space available, so you always have enough room for fresh additions to your entertainment library.

Plus, with Media Go you can easily transfer music, photos, audiobooks, audio clips and videos to and from your PSP any time you want!

Access a world of entertainment

Access a world of entertainment

Open the door to Digital Comics, minis, PlayStation Video Store and a whole lot more with Media Go.

Media Go opens the door to a vast amount of content via PlayStation Store including minis, Digital Comics, PlayStation Store Video Store, game demos, full games, PS one classics, themes and wallpapers for you to add a little something extra to your PSP.

As fun, bite-sized games minis are available on PlayStation Store and offer a huge variety of titles, while Digital Comics lets you catch up with both Marvel and DC Comics' superheroes including Batman, Superman, Spider-Man and Iron Man every single week.

With Media Go and PlayStation Store you also have access to full games including LittleBigPlanet, Gravity Crash, Everybody's Tennis, LocoRoco and more.

Media Go also lets you access a huge range of podcasts from around the world using its easy to access Media Go podcast directory. Once you've found the podcasts you like, you can then subscribe to them and automatically download each new episode every time one becomes available.

Watch movies on your PC

Watch movies on your PC

Enjoy the latest blockbusters and movie classics with PlayStation Store Video Store.

Experience a whole world of movies and entertainment with Media Go through the PlayStation Store Video Store, including hundreds of classics and all the latest blockbusters.

With Media Go you can now play movies you have purchased from the Video Store while they download, which means you can start viewing your favourite movies straight away on your PC.

Media Go allows you to cue up multiple items for download, so that means you can pick a fantastic line-up of movies; start downloading and watch each one on your PC at your own leisure.

If you don't want to view your purchases from PlayStation Store on your PC using Media Go, simply transfer them to your PSP and enjoy them on the go or from the comfort of your sofa.

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