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Introducing PlayStation Store

It couldn't be easier to get the latest exciting downloads onto your PS3.

What is PlayStation Store?

PlayStation Store is an online shop where you can download (as a purchase or for free) products such as full games, additional game items, videos, trailers, interviews and other goodies. Using and visiting PlayStation Store is free.

How do I download content from PlayStation Store?

Once in PlayStation Store you can browse content and download it to your PS3. To download content simply click on its image, banner or listing to start the process.

Once downloading has started you have the option for the download to Perform in Background. This adds your chosen downloaded content to a queue and allows you to continue browsing PlayStation Store.

If you exit PlayStation Store while content is downloading, it'll continue to download in the background unless you play a Blu-ray Disc, a game, a DVD or switch the PS3 system off. As long as you're signed in to PlayStation Network your downloads will continue until they are complete. Even if you switched the machine off in the middle of downloading, it'll resume when you next sign in to PlayStation Network.

What video formats are available?

Video content is available for download in a variety of formats including SD (Standard Definition - ideal if you don't own an HD-ready TV) and High Definition at either 720p or 1080p resolution.

How can I purchase more than one item at the same time?

Once you select items to buy, these are added to your shopping Cart. You can then proceed to the checkout and download. If you've insufficient funds available to complete the purchase, you'll be prompted to add funds to your wallet.

A wide variety of credit and debit cards can be used to add funds.

How many times can I download an item that I have purchased?

Items that you download can be re-downloaded up to a maximum of five times by visiting your purchase history.

Where is my content saved on the XMB (XrossMediaBar) Menu?

All the content you choose to download is saved on to the Hard Disc Drive of your PS3, and you can access it there as many times as you want.

Can I download PSP content from PlayStation Store on PS3?

You can purchase or download free of charge content for your PSP directly from PlayStation Store on PS3. Through the PSP Games section, full games, demos and game add-ons are easily downloadable from your PS3 to your PSP.  All content within this section is playable on your PSP, while some of it is also compatible with your PS3.

What are Special Offers on PlayStation Store?

The Special Offers section on PlayStation Store offers you fresh entertainment at a great price. This section of the store is regularly updated with new content, and you'll also find special promotions throughout the year on specific titles.

How do I redeem a voucher code at PlayStation Store?

You can enter PlayStation Network voucher codes directly from within PlayStation Store. Select [Redeem Codes], and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the operation.

Do I need a Sony Entertainment Network account to access PlayStation Store?

No. However, if you wish to download or purchase content from PlayStation Store, you must first create a Sony Entertainment Network account and accept a user agreement. You can create an account via the icon [Sign Up for PlayStation®Network] under Friends on the XMB Menu or by visiting eu.playstation.com/registration.

Once you've created your Sony Entertainment Network account, select [PlayStation®Store] under the Network icon to go online and start browsing the Store.

Expand your entertainment at PlayStation Store

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Introducing PlayStation Store

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