Warriors of the Lost Empire

warriors of the lost empire
Mild fantasy violence
Release date: 24 October 2008
Publisher: Atari


An enhanced remake of the classic PlayStation game STAR OCEAN 2: The Second Story arrives exclusively on PSP.

The game boasts a host of improvements added exclusively for the PSP version, including real-time battles, new character designs, and fully voiced animated cutscenes from anime giant Production I.G.

Combining stunning graphics and a captivating storyline, STAR OCEAN: Second Evolution proudly continues the grand tradition of the legendary STAR OCEAN series.

  • A galaxy-spanning adventure featuring a cast of both fresh and familiar faces brought together by a gripping and immersive storyline
  • Compelling real-time combat enhanced by devastating special attacks and spells
  • Newly incorporated private action system allows players to influence the direction and outcome of the story



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